Davos Klosters starts the new year with TikTok and Bruce Willis

A first TikTok campaign and a new image film with a touch of Hollywood: Davos Klosters wants to surprise its community with new content for the new year. Rob Nicolas and Moviemaint supported the destination.

Davos Klosters

Carmen lets avalanche search dog Emma rescue her from the masses of snow, while Larina shows how to have her skis dragged through Davos. "Which ski-carrying type are you?" is the question posed to the community. Carmen and Larina work at Destination Davos Klosters and are making a big splash with their videos on the company's own TikTok channel caused a sensation: According to Destination, the two clips mentioned reached over half a million people in a very short time.
Samuel Rosenast, Head of Communications at Destination Davos Klosters, is delighted with the successful launch of the TikTok campaign: "On TikTok, creativity is the name of the game. All the nicer that we can implement the clips with our own female employees from the communications department and thus offer maximum authenticity."

The TikTok campaign will run until March. A new campaign is already planned for the summer season. Davos Klosters was supported in its first TikTok campaign by the Chur agency Rob Nicolas.

New image film with old familiar voice

In collaboration with the Chur-based production company Moviemaint, the destination has also created a new image film that interprets the slogan "Sports Unlimited" in a surprising way. Instead of the usual deep-snow scenes and fast-cut sequences, the 90-second spot shows athletes just before they set off on their adventure.

One of Germany's best-known voices was hired for the High German version. "It was clear to us that we also needed a very special voice for this special film. That's how we came across Manfred Lehmann, the German dubbing artist for movie star Bruce Willis," explains Samuel Rosenast. The image film with a touch of Hollywood can be seen on all social media channels of the Davos Klosters destination since Friday.

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