Wunderman Thompson: A lot of naked Pos for Geberit

The current international campaign by Wunderman Thompson for Geberit figuratively shows what an AquaClean shower toilet is good for: it cleans the bottom with water.

Wunderman ThompsonThe briefing was clear: The main function of the Geberit AquaClean and thus the advantage of the butt shower should be shown. Quite directly and without the usual ado.

But advertising is subject to certain guidelines. Naked buttocks should not really be shown. In digital media, they are even censored immediately by the algorithm. So how can you show pos without showing pos?

For this, Wunderman Thompson invented a visual twist to clearly show a butt cleaning - without actually showing it.

Geberit presents the #Handbutts

When hands are placed together in a certain way, they look like a bare bottom in a certain section of the picture. With these so-called handbutts, Geberit can show the product benefit in a pictorial way for the first time: A butt - which is not a butt - is cleaned by a jet of water.

Seeing so much naked skin in various advertising material or the SoMe timeline is striking. But the resolution follows immediately by zooming out of the image, which reveals the pos as hands washing under a jet of water. And thus the ad also has the full attention of the viewers, who then also take away the message: Using a shower toilet from Geberit is like washing your hands for your bottom.

"Our team and the stores were immediately enthusiastic about the Handbutts. And the target group obviously is, too. From day one, we received very positive feedback on the campaign. It is close to the product, stands out and is somewhat provocative. And it really does put a smile on the faces of all viewers," says Susanne Wyss, Marketing Campaign Manager Geberit AquaClean.

Handbutts DIY

A how-to handbutt video is designed to motivate consumers to create and share their own handbutts.

The video is played out with targeted retargeting, which is intended to increase brand engagement with a wink.

"When the Handbutts idea came up at our agency, everyone immediately wanted a photo of their own Handbutts as well. We really wanted to tap into this engagement potential with the how-to video. And it seems to be working great, as you can see from the first movies created by users," says Swen Morath, co-CEO at Wunderman Thompson.

Facebook censors hands

For Facebook, some of the handbutts played out as sponsored ads were too sexy after all. That's why Wunderman Thompson used the pre-produced, toned-down backup versions. In addition to the shape of the buttocks, these show a bit more of the wrists with a watch or bracelet. In this way, the censorship could be circumvented.

The campaign was launched in mid-November in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK, and will be rolled out over three phases in six other European markets by March 2022. All animated advertising materials of the 360-degree campaign lead to the landing page, where the advantages of an AquaClean are explained with facts.

Responsible at Geberit AquaClean Susanne Wyss, Tanja Hug (Marketing Communications Manager Geberit AquaClean), Selina Della Rossa (Content Manager Geberit AquaClean), Dr. Margit Pfeifer (Head Geberit AquaClean). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson Switzerland: Cedric Fuchs (art direction), Julia Staub (text), Aylin Friedrich, Jael Abderhalden (graphics), Swen Morath (co-CEO, overall responsibility creation), Anita Roll, Corina Carabelli (account management), Stephan Lanz (business direction), Kim Prinzig, An Le (production); film production: Eqal Visual Productions AG, Karine & Oliver (direction).

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