Swiss decorates an Airbus for Christmas

"Ready for take-off" into the holidays: At the beginning of December, crew members and maintenance staff from Swiss International Airlines decorated an Airbus A321.

Swiss International Airlines

Over midnight, Swiss Werft 2 was transformed into a Brownie Workshop, where all employees on site had one common goal in mind: To provide a "wow" moment and a unique sight in times like these. The result is a decorated Airbus 2022, which of course never took off like this.

"Astonishing people with the magical moment of a unique picture - that's exactly what we wanted to achieve with our impressive Christmas campaign, which is why we weighted the emotional effect much higher than the commercial one," explains Stefan Vasic, Head of Marketing at Swiss. The example shows how, with commitment and motivation, impressive ideas can be realized even under difficult circumstances and with limited resources.

Responsible at Swiss (conception, realization and photography): Jeannine Kanwischer, Dario Mastrogiovanni, Jennifer Herger, Stefan Vasic, Nadja Griehl. Responsible at Skyproduction (film production): Sales Wick, Milan Rohrer. Drone Pilot: Christian Mülhauser. Sound Design: Christian Riesen.

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