Serviceplan for DillySocks: The ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweater wins

DillySocks and Serviceplan Suisse have developed a Christmas campaign with the Christmas greeting "Merry Soxmas". The campaign centers on an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" made of socks that you can create yourself and, with a little luck, win - but only if it's really ugly.

Ugly Christmas SweaterThe socks from DillySocks are colorful, cheeky and fun - and actually too bad to just wear them on your feet. Now you don't have to: For Christmas, the sock manufacturer presents the "Soxmas Sweater", a completely socked "Ugly Christmas Sweater", hand-sewn by Rework in Zurich. The sweater cannot be purchased, only won. To participate in the raffle, creativity is required: With the online creator the design of the sweater can be customized. Sock by sock unique pieces are created, with no limits to both imagination and bad taste.

Whoever creates the ugliest of all Soxmas sweaters is ultimately decided on social media, where users can vote in regular polls on Instagram. The comedian and influencer Kiko is currently demonstrating particular courage for ugliness by venturing out onto the street dressed in a Soxmas sweater to capture the reactions of passers-by for a livestream on Instagram.

The Christmas campaign was developed by DillySocks and its agency Serviceplan Suisse. The two companies were able to celebrate a success even before the campaign was launched: the campaign won silver at the Creative Credit Program of ADC Switzerland and Meta.

The Merry Soxmas campaign is currently entering the final spurt.

Responsible at DillySocks: Sean Pfister (Founder). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Nathalie Jakober, Laura Seifert, Andrea Menzi (consulting), Günter Zumbach, Peter Liptak (text & concept), Hanning Beland, Luca Di Francesco, Mike Fischer (art direction), Carina Kienzle, Terence Fuchs (graphics), Lorenzo Müller (UX), Dominic Shota Schweingruber (motion design), Thomas Lüber (creative direction), Marcin Baba (executive creative direction), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (overall responsibility). Jonathan Heyer (Photography and Film), AschmannKlauser Postproduction (Image Editing).

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