Maybaum stages the innovation location Switzerland for S-GE

Switzerland Global Enterprise S-GE is now promoting Switzerland as a business location to innovative foreign companies with a fast-paced video. The video was produced by Maybaum Film.

Maybaum Film

Abroad, Switzerland is usually perceived as a small hearty mountain people with a funny language. A people that sits on a mountain of gold, but from there it deals especially with cows and cheese.

Clichés make it difficult to recognize Switzerland as a location for innovation and a development laboratory for cutting-edge technologies. S-GE wants to change this and use a corresponding video as a door opener.

The content focus will be on five technologies: artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, personalized health and advanced manufacturing. The video aims to amaze, surprise and position Switzerland as a hub for research and innovation.

In the pitch for the contract award, Maybaum Film convinced the jury with a bold concept that does without a voiceover and figures. Instead, strong images, reduced statements and a skilfully placed pinch of self-irony are to promote Switzerland as a business location.

The Baden film team portrays state-of-the-art technical achievements in just a few images and outlines how national virtues such as precision and reliability are turned into forward-looking products. The video shows how man and machine work together in harmony. Various partners provided their film material, and some were shot specifically.

Switzerland becomes the backdrop where vision becomes reality and where, despite limited space, there is unlimited room for technical innovation. The finished video with reduced sound and likeable smirk effects will be used in eight languages in the future at physical and digital events of S-GE to inspire promising foreign companies for Switzerland as a business location.

Responsible at S-GE: Corinne Ari, Fabienne Bernet, Sirpa Tsimal, Patrik Wermelinger. Responsible at Maybaum Film: Michel Frutig (concept), Laurent Ulrich (camera, direction and concept), Remo Wyss (motion graphics and concept), Nikolas Riegel (editing), Martin Villiger (music composition), Martin Stäheli (sound design and mix).

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