Wirz and Suva: Using humor to combat hubris

Every winter, around 34,000 workers are injured in snow sports. Often because the risks are underestimated and their own abilities overestimated. This is where Wirz's prevention work for Suva comes in: with an app and new communication measures as part of the long-term "near miss" prevention campaign.

Winter sports in all their facets are one of the most popular leisure activities in Switzerland. But all too often, it subsequently keeps doctors' offices and hospitals busy. For those affected, this means pain, restrictions, inability to work. For insurers, annual costs of over 300 million Swiss francs.

Because more than 90 percent are self-inflicted accidents, Suva is focusing on increased information and awareness among snow sports enthusiasts. The specially developed "Slope Track" app measures stress while skiing, raises awareness of relevant risk factors and provides tips for improving physical performance and reducing stress.

It is being promoted with a newly developed campaign in the typical Suva style of recent years. It shows protagonists who master tricky situations in snow sports only thanks to much more luck than brains or skill. Conceived by Wirz and realized by Stories with director Tobi Fueter, it conveys the message and the download link with the usual lightness - humorously and without a threatening finger.

The central advertising medium is the 35-second TV spot, but the campaign plays a wide range of media: from various online clips, banners and display ads to print advertising, social media activities and articles in industry newsletters to chair-hanger advertising and digital playouts on public transport in the ski resorts.

Responsible at Suva: Urs Schaad (Head of Marketing Communications), Samuli Aegerter (Campaign Manager Snowsports), Corinne Kursfeld (Team Leader Communication Consulting Prevention), Cornelia Hengst (Team Leader Product Management), Nadja Kunz Rütimann (Communication Manager Prevention), Adrian Senn (Communication Consultant Digital Campaigning), Jessica Fanger (Editor Newsletter & Social Media), Natascha Obermayr (Media Spokesperson), Altan Tural (Communication Consultant Prevention). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Fernando Perez, Matthias Fürst, Thomas Kurzmeyer, Florian Siegrist, Carmen Staehelin, Nicola Peter (creation); Anina Eugster (XLAB; Erasmo Palomba, Magdalena Zbiec (agency producing); Simone Jehle, Larissa Braun, Jan Keller, Barbara Waldvogel (Consulting); Urs Krucker, Marleen Diener (Strategy); Yussef Serrat, Oliver Fäs, Desirée Guzzo, Andrea Bosshard (Media Realization); Stories AG (Film Production): Tobias Fueter (Director); Julien Bourdeille (Director of Photography); Meret Früh, Nicole Spring (Production); Benjamin Fueter (Edit); Jingle Jungle / Tonstudio-Z / stories AG / (Audio Production); Spacetrain / Fabian Sturzenegger (Music); Frank Barton Company (SFX); stories AG (Post Production); Sebastian Stiphout (Photographer); Ina Puchert (Photo Agent); Oliver Fäs (Image Editing). Responsible for Konnex Media: Marco Berto (Owner and Managing Director), Helen Seligmann (Media Planner). Responsible for WebrepublicChrista Müller (Senior Client Solutions Manager), Vera Hauri (Consultant Social Media Marketing).


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