Heimat Zürich focuses on sustainable enjoyment for Miele

For Miele Switzerland, Heimat Zürich collaborated with four artists and top chef Nenad Mlinarevic to create a project in which sustainability - interpreted both artistically and culinary - was experienced in a new, unusual way.

Heimat Zürich ProjektWith its "SamePlateDifferent" campaign, Miele Switzerland is focusing on sustainable enjoyment. Four Swiss artists creatively interpreted the theme of sustainability. The subjects were then screen-printed onto old plates from the Brockenhaus.

Top chef Nenad Mlinarevic then created a four-course menu inspired by the designs of Pascal Möhlmann, Cécile Giovannini and Huber.Huber. The interplay of culinary and art resulted in a statement on sustainability for each course.

The campaign aimed to bring sustainability to life in a new, unusual way. The menu was served every evening from October 21 to November 6, 2021, at the "Neue Taverne" in Zurich.

The project was advertised cross-medially. It kicked off with a vernissage at the Neue Taverne, to which media representatives were also invited. In addition, "SamePlateDifferent" was given a platform on the Instagram channel of Miele Switzerland with a large number of posts and stories in which the artists played the leading role together with the plates and dishes.

Responsible at Miele: Andreas Oehrli, Barbara Kaiser, Pia Zimmermann, Lea Fallegger. Responsible Agency: Home Zurich. Photography: Lukas Wassmann. Production: Production Pool Creative Services. Producer: Joe Berger. Cinematography/Direction: Nicolas Duc. Camera: Katherine Huber. Set construction: Joel Tweitmann. Styling: Guya Marini.

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