Bühler&Bühler introduces the BEKB financial coaches

Personal, authentic, and capable - this is how the 600 financial coaches of the Berner Kantonalbank BEKB are described. "Frag mi" is the latest campaign and proof of this from Bühler&Bühler.

A wakeboarder who brings momentum to finances. A monoskier who secures assets with balance. A bass player who gives a good ear to money matters. The conductor of a men's yodel choir who also advises with tact in the bank. They are all financial coaches and authentic ambassadors for the current BEKB campaign. With "Frag mi" (Ask me), they invite you to engage in a dialog.

BEKB financial coaches are there to support customers in all phases of their lives. Always having the same contact person for all financial questions is a service provided by the bank. This advantage is the focus of Bühler&Bühler's new campaign, for which the agency is responsible from the idea to the photo and film shoots to the creation of all digital and analog advertising materials to the social media concept.

The Zurich agency has staged a total of nine personalities. The skills they need for their particular hobbies also serve them in their everyday work. "Advice is a matter of trust, especially in financial matters. Those who disclose their figures and needs want to feel they are in the best of hands. That requires competence, but also sympathy," explains Creative Director Stephanie Geiger. With real financial coaches instead of models, the campaign aims to express this and reduce fear of contact.

Responsible at Bühler&Bühler: Doris Bühler (Chief Creative Officer), Stephanie Geiger (Creative Director), Ronda Miller (Project Leader), Lea Fontana (Designer), Mario Strbac (Digital Content Producer), Jan Gross (Text & New Media Producer), Rebecca Knobel (Text & New Media Producer).

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