Christmas video from Corpmedia: Red Cross Zurich says thank you

For the Christmas season, the Corpmedia agency, together with the Red Cross Relief Organization Zurich, has translated nine short stories of those who helped and were helped into a three-minute film.

Rotes Kreuz Zürich sagt DankeIn an emotional Christmas video, nine Red Cross ambassadors thank those who support the Zurich Red Cross and thus make Red Cross work possible in the first place. All nine have experienced or provided help through the Red Cross in various ways and tell their personal stories in the three-minute short film. With their enthusiasm and gratitude, they are meant to authentically and emotionally convey the principles of the Red Cross - humanity, impartiality and voluntarism.

The filming locations were deliberately chosen from the own and natural living environments of the colorfully assembled portrayed - from schoolchildren to 82-year-old contemporary witnesses. For the colorful video, project manager Susanne Zihlmann and the Corpmedia team therefore visited the protagonists at home or at their places of work.

"Through the modular approach could be shot in two days of shooting, two main films with various snacks, which care and account for these great people and can now be played out year-round as evergreen content. In this way, the content library that has been built up continues to grow strategically and continuously," explains Timo Wäschle, the person who came up with the idea at Corpmedia.

The video is distributed via all online channels and is part of the annual communication mix, which is implemented with real protagonists - people from the everyday life of the Zurich Red Cross.

Responsible at the Zurich Red Cross: Susanne Zihlmann (Project Management). Responsible at Corpmedia: Timo Wäschle (idea, production management, coaching), Lars Badertscher (direction), Gianluca Giantieni (camera, editing), Michael Nyfenegger (animation), Claudia D'Urso (administration).

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