Mona and Mateo for Four Paws: No Foie Gras at Christmas

Even though stuffing is banned in Switzerland, a lot of foie gras is still imported into Switzerland. The Basel agency Mona and Mateo is campaigning against stuffing together with Vier Pfoten.

Mona und Mateo für Vier PfotenStuffing is cruelty to animals and has been banned in Switzerland for 40 years. Abroad, unfortunately, the legal situation is different. Every year, 600,000 ducks and geese are fattened and killed in the cruelest way in Switzerland alone, and their fatty livers are imported as foie gras. For many, foie gras is still part of the festive meal, especially at Christmas time.

Vier Pfoten and Mona and Mateo now want to change that with an awareness campaign. The message "Stop Foie Gras" is conveyed through a drastic, visual translation. Thus, the campaign presents the process of stuffing fattening and its consequences for the animal in a catchy way, but at the same time refrains from using inappropriate images in the pre-Christmas period.

The campaign has been running throughout Switzerland since the end of November as DOOH, on YouTube and on social media.

Responsible at Vier Pfoten: Linda Egloff, Carole Marty, Livie Kundert, Fabienne Hürlimann, Karin Hawelka. Responsible with Mona and Mateo (concept and implementation): Sheena Czorniczek, Nicole Waldis, Lesley Ryffel, Mona Fluri, Mateo Sacchetti. CGI: Colors and the Kids.

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