Simon Huber for Fairmed: A life without basic medical care

The Swiss development organization Fairmed stages a fluid operating room, placing the issue of basic medical care at the center of its new TV commercial. Simon Huber is responsible for the implementation of the campaign.

Simon Huber GesundheitOver the past year and a half, we have received a number of images of overcrowded medical IP wards and operating rooms. Even though opinions on how to deal with the pandemic currently differ widely among the population, everyone agrees on one thing: In the event of an emergency, we are all glad to have intact healthcare.

Fairmed has set itself the goal that no one in the world should suffer or die from a curable disease anymore, and that even the poorest have a right to basic medical care. In its current campaign, the organization uses the current sensitization of the Swiss population and translates the grievances of the global South that need to be overcome to our Western world, and thus to our own value system.

For this, Simon Huber and his film crew stage the contrasts between an intact and a lacking health care and make an operating room disappear without further ado, complete with operating crew and medical technology. In this way, the TV spot aims to break the emotional distance of the audience in a surprising way and to increase the empathy and consternation of the viewers.

The campaign "We bring health to the poorest" will run immediately in DOOH outdoor advertising and, from 2022, additionally on public and private TV stations in German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

The spot could only be realized thanks to the generous support of numerous partners who donated equipment, time and expertise to Fairmed.

Responsible at Fairmed: David Maurer (Head of Marketing), Saskia van Wijnkoop (Communications/PR), Arno Meili (Marketing and Communications Staff). Film production: Simon Huber (idea/concept, production, direction, camera), Sara Weingart (set design), Raphael Toel (lighting), Dominik Lang/Brosky Media (motion control), Yann Zieschank/Chilicosta (décor construction), Kaspar Kilchenmann (editing/VFX), Bluebox (sound design and sound mixing), Jügen Kupka (color grading).

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