Hillton: "Never Give Up. For Every Child" for UNICEF

UNICEF focuses on the slogan "Never give up" in its new TV and online donation campaign, making it both a motto and a strategy. Film production company Hillton is responsible for implementing the moving image campaign.

For 75 years already, the UN Children's Fund has been following the attitude "Never give up" and demands this also from the donors of Switzerland. No Covid 19 virus, no climate change, no takeover should be stronger than this guiding principle. If all helpers think like this, then change is possible. This is exactly what the new spot wants to tell in a poetic and contemporary way. In strong symbolic images, a child competes against the embodiment of all the evil in this world:

"In the communication for fundraising campaigns, the needy persons are often staged very one-dimensionally and as victims in order to arouse pity among donors. It was important to us to address the suffering on this planet, but still portray the needy children in this world as strong and optimistic personalities. I wanted to show that they in particular never give up," explains director Alex Tank from Hillton.

"With the reinterpretation of the Queen song "Don't Stop Me Now", we can offer a very special TV spot for mobilization after eight years. But as a fundraising organization, we are of course dependent on support in many areas of our work. Hillton and our long-time partner Schwiizergoofe, have put a lot of pro bono work, commitment and heart and soul into the project and directly exemplified the motto "never give up" with their work," says Marc Uricher of Unicef.

The cast also contributed to the film free of charge and thus to the welfare of disadvantaged children. The reinterpretation of the Queen song "Don't Stop Me Now" was made possible by Sony Music and the "Schwiizergoofe" music project.

Responsible at UNICEF Switzerland& Liechtenstein: Marc Uricher (overall responsibility), Felix Freese, Lucia Pigliapochi, Sarah Ehrensperger (concept & strategy). Responsible at Hillton (Production): Alexander Tank (Director), Gilles Germann (Producer), Carlo Esposito (Production Manager), Julia Hallasch (Production Assistant), Lou Staub (Production Assistant), Fabio Tozzo (Camera), Sven Probst (1st AC), Andreas Schneuwly (1st AC), Sven Uhlman (1st AC), Carla Maiolino (2nd AC), Elio Fumagalli (Runner), Fafa Silvia Fierz (Gaffer), Mojo (Lighting), Nik Delley (Key Grip), Robin Fessel (Production Design), Kilian Lilenfeld (Set), Sibel Kaya (Costume), Amanda Brooke (Styling), Viviane Saner (Makeup), Marc d'Rone (Butterfly Tamer), Max Neumeier (Editing), Ennio Ruschetti / Das Alte Lager (SFX), Nadia Khairat Gómez (Color Grading); Hitmill (composition, sound design & mix), Nikol Camenzind, Jonas Künzle (sound production Schwiizergoofe); Samory Kinteh; Darwin Stapel; Enea Pileggi; Samiel Yosan; Cherline and Anthony Thelus; Wintana Alemtsegay; Eve Riedi; Giulia de Filippo; Noelia Finocchiaro; Celine Huelin; Mateus Schmid; Jaden & Jay; Asia Casella; Beletu Plüss (Cast).

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