Webrepublic launches first in-house produced TV spot for Yallo

For the first time, Webrepublic has conceived, designed, illustrated and animated a TV commercial in-house. The ad for mobile provider Yallo will run on various stations starting Wednesday. The Zurich agency is also responsible for the creation and playout of the Black Friday campaign on digital channels.

WebrepublicThe battle for attention reaches its peak for advertisers on the days around Black Friday. And how do you win this battle? With a fresh and modern motion design implementation that is not often seen on TV. Coupled with a very attractive price for the "Yallo Black" mobile subscription.

Starting Wednesday and until next Monday, Cyber-Monday, Yallo's spot will run on numerous TV stations in Switzerland. In addition to the TV spot, Webrepublic is also responsible for the creation and playout of the ads on TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Display.

For a successful multichannel campaign, creative, media, and technology must be thought of together from the very beginning. A video that works on TV doesn't necessarily work on social media. That's why it was crucial for the creative concept that the creatives were equally good for all channels.
To achieve this, Webrepublic's creation team opted for an illustrative style characterized by strong contrasts and abstract elements. The result is a visual that unfolds its effect on large and small screens alike, remains true to the Yallo style and guarantees cross-channel recognizability at all touchpoints of the customer journey.

Katja Martinello, Head of Creation at Webrepublic, is proud of the TV spot, which she and her team produced completely in-house for the first time: "We are known on the market primarily for digital creation. But with our digital-first approach, we cover the entire 360-degree communication and create campaigns for all relevant channels."

Responsible at Yallo: Maike Büchler (Senior Marketing & Communications Manager). Responsible at Webrepublic: Manuel Ritsch (Concept), Julian Schnaars (Concept), Simone Lagomarsino (Illustration and Motion Design), Tendai Bollinger (Digital Production), Katja Martinello (Head of Creation), UKO (Voiceover and Sound).

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