Black November campaign by Heimat for Wingo: Was it all a fake?

With a revelatory scandal surrounding Wingo's Black November campaign, Zurich-based agency Heimat Zürich is adding momentum to the promotion.

Now that Wingo's campaign for the "Black November" offers Wingo Swiss, Wingo International and Wingo Internet Plus has kicked off, there's a rather unconventional reminder campaign: Because Black Friday may only last for one day, but Wingo's Black November runs - you guessed it - until the end of the month.

In order to continue to secure the attention of the Swiss after three weeks of action, a video document with explosive content has now found its way to the public.

In the film, a mysterious whistleblower reveals that not everything was above board during the Wingo advertising shoot. The accusations don't leave much to be desired of the film production, and lead actor Charles Nguela doesn't get off scot-free either.

By the end of the film at the latest, it becomes clear that this is a joke. But the actual message should be just as clear: Wingo's Black November offers are no joke.

Responsible Agency: Home Zurich. Film Production: Shining movie. Directed by: Maximilian Speidel. Photo Production: Sebahat Film + Photo. Photography: Dan Cermak. CGI: southern-t. Media: Picstars.

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