697 THz promotes cinema with statements

Under the premise "Movies need space", the Arthouse cinemas point out the advantages and uniqueness of a visit to the cinema in their current campaign. The campaign was implemented by the Zurich design studio 697 THz.

In a playful way, the campaign combines current arthouse film stills with catchy statements - and shows with headlines such as "Close your mouth, open your eyes" or "Screen diagnostics versus screen" that the cinéastic genius of quality films can only unfold one hundred percent in the right setting. Zurich's cinemas, which focus on independent film hits from around the world, offer the ideal platform for precisely this unfolding.

"Our goal with the campaign was to highlight the benefits of going to the movies in a bold and witty way," says Stephanie Candinas, co-managing director of Arthouse Cinemas.

Tania Cambeiro, Project Manager Sponsoring at ZKB, is also convinced by the subjects: "The new arthouse subjects get to the heart of the film experience in terms of content and visuals. We are pleased to be able to make our contribution as the main partner of the Arthouse cinemas."

In addition to digital and analog OOH subjects, Insta posts complement the campaign.

Responsible at Arthouse Cinemas: Stephanie Candinas (Co-Managing Director), Stephan Henz (Programmer). Responsible at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Tania Cambeiro (Project Manager Sponsorship). Design studio: 697 THz.

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