Children say thank you via video: Librio TV campaign

Real customers were asked to make cell phone videos with their children thanking the person who gave them their Librio books.

The children say thank you in their own language, or in their own dialect or baby talk. The videos and their actors are one hundred percent real, with the exception of the names, which have been changed by Librio for data protection reasons.

Out of 100 submissions, 12 spots were created: They are the first TV spots in Switzerland to feature all national languages. 12 short spots with 6 seconds length and an explanatory spot for pre- and post-split ads, which lasts 15 seconds. Accompanied by somewhat longer Versions for social.

The main target group is online affine parents who are looking for a between 25-45 in Switzerland who are looking for a Christmas gift for children.

Librio was founded in Zurich in 2017. The company's goal is to combine art and technology in such a way that unique children's books are created.

The short clips in different languages

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