Playground stickers by Jung von Matt Limmat warn against "sharenting

Child Protection Switzerland draws attention to the dangers of "sharenting". "Sharenting" is derived from "parenting" and "sharing" and refers to the distribution of pictures and videos of children by their parents on the Internet. Together with Jung von Matt Limmat, Kinderschutz is therefore launching playground stickers.

Parents love to photograph their children. Understandably so. Pride in their offspring is great, memories want to be captured. And just as quickly as a photo or video is taken nowadays, it is also shared on the Internet. Sometimes with unpleasant consequences.

Child Protection Switzerland would like to raise awareness of this problem on the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of the Child on November 20, 2021. And specifically where children are very often photographed: On the playground. There, stickers with children's motifs are attached to slides, climbing frames and swings - including a QR code. The code is not visible to the eye at first glance. However, if a child is photographed in front of one of the stickers, the cell phone's camera recognizes the code. A warning about "sharenting" appears on the screen, and the person taking the picture is reminded of the code. and there drew attention to the dangers and protection options relating to children's photos on the Internet. Because the following applies to children's photos: #SharingIsNotCaring.

The stickers will be launched at Zurich's Heuried playground and Bern's Längmuur playground as a pilot project, with plans to expand the campaign throughout Switzerland.

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