Skiing legend Maria Walliser promotes collagen preparation Acten

Madonna Kommunikation has engaged skiing legend Maria Walliser as a testimonial for the Swiss launch campaign for the innovative collagen preparation "Acten" from Streuli Pharma.

Maria Walliser (58) is a skiing legend: Between 1983 and 1990, she won a total of 25 World Cup races, three gold medals at the Alpine World Ski Championships and one Olympic silver medal - making her one of the 20 most successful female ski racers of all time. Her great credibility and fame should help the nutritional supplement for athletes to achieve a breakthrough in Switzerland.

"The campaign is taken from life. It shows the former Olympic champion hiking, biking and skiing," shares Madonna Communication.





Responsible at Streuli Pharma: Jürg Vogel (Sales Manager). Responsible at Madonna: Massimiliano Madonna (strategy/consulting), Sigi Simader (art direction), Eva Jäger, Flavia Trachsler (graphics), Urs Zwyssig (text). Photography: Hans Schürmann. Media agency: JBW Media.Sk

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