"Whatever your goal is." - FS Parker launches image campaign for Raiffeisen

After a multi-stage tender process, the Zurich agency FS Parker developed a new communicative bracket as well as a cross-media image campaign for Raiffeisen.

"FS Parker convinced us with its close integration of strategy, conception, creativity and digitalization," says Oliver Niedermann, Head of Marketing at Raiffeisen.

Hannes Sigrist-Thompson, Executive Creative Director at FS Parker is delighted with the new client. "Helping the third-largest Swiss bank connect even more closely with a wide variety of target groups is a very nice task."

How is recognition, competence and a breath of fresh air communicated with an established brand like Raiffeisen via pension and investment solutions? The new communicative bracket with the digital location and target fields is easy to understand and enables Raiffeisen to communicate very flexibly over the coming years; this applies both to the image campaign, but also to product-specific campaigns for every life situation. Raiffeisen clears the way - in each case with the core message "Whatever your goal is.".

Benjamin Franz, Creative Director at FS Parker, adds: "The special challenge was to create a system that is applicable in the long term and with which people in all phases of life feel addressed." To play out the theme of 'retirement planning and investing for all' as a campaign, a total of 12 vignette spots and stories were developed that show individual life situations. The diverse stories illustrate the different demands of our society, spread across the areas of education, career, family, mid-life and retirement. This range breaks with clichés and expectations and positions Raiffeisen as a cosmopolitan, modern bank for everyone.

Sandra Bürkle, Head of Business Marketing at Raiffeisen explains, "With our approach, we want to position Raiffeisen as the best choice in pension and investment solutions for all customers in Switzerland. Raiffeisen as a personal, long-term and competent partner for life with all its facets."

Christoph Schmidt, CEO at FS Parker adds, "In close cooperation with Raiffeisen, we have created a digital tool with this strong communicative bracket in combination with 'Whatever your goal is.', which allows Raiffeisen to convey proximity to the customer in many ways and to convince with innovative and life-encompassing services."

Noelia Blanco, COO at FS Parker is equally enthusiastic: "We are very proud to be able to reposition such a strong brand as Raiffeisen with this image campaign. We are pleased that we were able to win the trust of those responsible."

The campaign has been running since the beginning of November throughout Switzerland as TVC, online video, on digital OOH, OOH sites as well as on social media.

Responsible at Raiffeisen: Oliver Niedermann (Head of Marketing), Sandra Bürkle (Head of Business Marketing), Karin Welle and Claudia Dörr (Project Manager Marketing Asset Development)

Responsible at FS Parker: Christoph Schmidt (Strategy, Consulting), Noelia Blanco (Consulting, Project Management), Hannes Sigrist-Thompson (Executive Creative Director), Benjamin Franz (CD), Michaela Aerne (Project Management and Media), Toni Pihlaja (AD, Motion Design), Jonas Bürgi (Senior Designer). Film: Janic Halioua. Photo: Johannes Diboky. Sound Design: Brewery Sound. Image Editing: Detail AG. Media: Konnex. Social Media & Youtube: Digital Hub.

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