Three new tools: Campaign Forum launches Kampamonitor, Kampatest and Kampredic

Campaignforum launches three tools that open new doors for successful NPO and political campaigning: Kampamonitor, Kampatest and Kampredict enable comprehensive digital monitoring, experimental argument testing and technologies for qualified forecasts on voting and issue trends.

Lea Riedener (Project Manager, left) and Marianne Affolter (Co-Managing Director, right).

"Digital campaigning also means data campaigning," says Marianne Affolter, Co-Managing Director and Campaign and Policy Officer at Kampagnenforum. After all, campaigns today take place primarily in the online space. "It should not be forgotten that the digital space is a dialogue space. It's not enough to just send a message: You have to anticipate and react continuously to do effective campaigning."

This is exactly where the new products come in. They show at an early stage which are the effective arguments for a cause, which variables influence it, and what one's own campaign must respond to.

Kampamonitor by Kampagnenforum combines targeted, automated data filtering with established research methods. It relies on data collection and evaluation and precisely fitting, strategic integration for targeted use. This is designed to enable NPOs and stakeholders to actively manage the campaigning dialogue.

Proximity to research: Campaigning benefits

The two other products make targeted use of scientific approaches for effective campaigning. With Kampatest, Kampagnenforum launches an innovative experimental argument test that identifies those arguments that are decisive for the dialogue partners of a voting or issue campaign. In contrast to conventional argument tests, the experimental argument test controls and eliminates correlations with third-party variables or missing causalities. Thus, the results not only allow us to infer individual attitudes, but rather achieve a statistical prediction of actual voting behavior and support. This enables strategic targeting of arguments specifically oriented towards voting behavior and the corresponding leverage.

With Kampredict, Kampagnenforum provides the optimal tool for predicting voting and issue trends. While the orientation on survey results contains considerable potential for distortion and are usually published only shortly before the voting dates, Kampredict with its technology based on market logic offers an early and qualified method of predicting and evaluating voting results and topic trends.

Support for NPO

With the new campaigning offerings, Kampagnenforum wants to provide even more support to NPOs. "As before, the tools can be integrated into overall campaigning, where we assist partners with monitoring, forecasting and experimental argument testing. But they can also be used individually," says Lea Riedener, project manager and campaigner at Kampagnenforum.

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