Spina's Civil Voices: There's news to see from SZBLIND

New subjects - the print campaign by Spina's Civil Voices for the Swiss National Association for the Blind SZBLIND goes into the next round.

Spinas Civil VoicesTo generate donations, but also to show how people with a visual impairment orient themselves in everyday life, the Swiss National Association for the Blind (SZBLIND) ran a major print campaign last year. The campaign shows that blind people can orient themselves independently in everyday life. They rely on their nose, ears, taste and hands.

The campaign with the eye-catching visuals is now going into the next round. SZBLIND has therefore commissioned the Spinas Civil Voices agency to develop another visual. This time, the focus is on a watered dog that you can not only see, but also smell.

Responsible at the "SZBLIND": Nina Hug and Carol Lagrange (Co-Head of Marketing and Communications). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Steph Huwiler (overall responsibility), Andrea Reinhart and Matthias Freuler (creation), Katharina Pivonka and Tullio Tomasini (consulting), Simon Opladen (photography), Remo Stoller (image editing)

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