Spina's Civil Voices rocks the new building of the Children's Hospital Zurich

The University Children's Hospital Zurich launches a comprehensive fundraising campaign for its new building. The centerpiece is a video clip that rocks - realized by Spina's Civil Voices, Shining Film and SuccessClub by Dodo and Big J.

Spinas Civil VoicesChildren are different. That's why the Children's Hospital Zurich is too. For the fundraising campaign for the new building of the century, the hospital is therefore going down creative paths, and Spina's Civil Voices has come up with something special for it.

The centerpiece of the campaign is the music video "Champion" - produced by Shining Film with director Marco Lutz. The clip is intended to dramatize all that the Children's Hospital Zurich does for sick and injured children. The song "Champion" comes from the studio SuccessClub by Dodo and Big J.

The little champions rock their illnesses, and the employees of the children's hospital join in: Together, they want to inspire people and encourage them to donate to the new Kispi. Because the commitment of the population is also needed to complete the project of the century.

The clip appears online and as a 30-second spot on TV and in cinemas. In addition, there are many other measures, including posters, filler ads, radio spots, digital ads, e-mailings and the central landing page. Thenewkispi.ch with patient stories, virtual tour, Peer2Peer fundraisers and online donation opportunities. In addition, a traditional donation mailing and a scatter shot will be sent out.

Responsible at the University Children's Hospital Zurich: Arun López (Head of Campaign, Fundraising), Bojan Josifovic (Communications). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Susi Kammergruber, Lorenz Spinas, Steph Huwiler (CD) Barbara Strahm, Beat Egger, Franziska Pennington (creation), Martina Honegger (consulting). Responsible at Shining Film: Stefan Bircher (Executive Producer), Stefan Girtanner (Senior Producer), Marco Lutz (Director), Ralph Bätschmann (DoP), Jero Fähndrich (Editor), David Haisch (Casting). Responsible at SuccessClub: Dodo (songwriting), Marco Jeger (music), Olivia Eberhardt (management). Sound design and mix: Jingle Jungle. Photos: Simon Opladen (photography), Sergio Beti (litho).

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