Family for A Christmas campaign without Christmas clichés

The Christmas campaign developed by Family Agency for deliberately avoids Christmas clichés. You'll look in vain for snowy landscapes, sentimental piano music, magic and a story with a happy ending in the Christmas spot.

To stand out in the sweet uniformity of Christmas advertising, for once they're not pushing the tearjerker, but targeting the laugh muscles. "As an established Swiss e-commerce provider and expert in gift giving, we want to stand out from the crowd of Christmas campaigns and make people smile with this exceptionally creative idea," says Regina Ellmann, CMO of

"We didn't want to join the chorus of emotive advertising messages, but rather strike an independent note with this campaign," adds Family's Claudio Catrambone. To achieve this, no compromises were made - neither in the story nor in the casting of the characters.
To this end, and Family have developed the "Riskier keine schlechten Geschenke" campaign. The main character - not very Christmasy - is the mafia boss Don Regalo. A man who puts a stop to bad gifts without batting an eye.

In addition to the spot, which will be seen in various versions online, the mafia boss himself takes over the In-house chatbotwho is used both on and in interactive display ads. He advises users in the best "Godfather" manner and makes them gift offers that they cannot possibly refuse.

Responsible at Regina Ellmann (CMO); Elena Stojkov (Online Marketing Manager); Nathalie Blaser (Junior Online Marketing Manager); Selma Koparan (Graphic Designer); Charlotte Parmentier & Carole Gomez (Translation); Sabrina Schmid (Senior Product Manager); Roman Fischer (Product Owner); Maud Hoffmann (CEO). Responsible at Family Agency: Claudio Catrambone (Executive Creative Director, overall responsibility); Svenja Hässig (Account Director); Michel Kiwic (Art Director); Grit Wolany (Art Director); Mery Wunderlin (Artist Animations); Severin Binkert (Art Director); Torsten Maas (Text); Marion Gwerder (Text); Bubbles & Sons (Production); Easy McLovin (Director); Luca Trajkovic (Director of Photography); Gordian Gleiss (Composer Director's Cut); Marc Ambühl (Editor, Color Grading); Stefan Djakovic (Photography); Marion Zeh (Image Editing); Oliver Huber (JBW Media - Mediaagentur).

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