The answer: Best prospects for Zurich City Hospital

Finding good specialists is not always easy. Hospitals are not the only ones who can sing a song about this. The Zurich agency "Die Antwort" has chosen a down-to-earth and authentic approach for the new employer branding campaign for the Zurich City Hospital with its Waid and Triemli sites.

Die Antwort GesundheitThe new campaign is aimed at professionals in the medical profession and fits in with the "Mis Spital." communication strategy that has been adopted ( reported). With "Mis Spital. Mini Ussichte." is ambiguously used to court the favor of qualified physicians. After all, the two locations Triemli and Waid offer great prospects - both through the elevated location and for professional life.

Authenticity is to be achieved through the accompanying measures. For example, the physician and comedian Fabian Unteregger was invited to talk to doctors from six different specialties and had them show him their respective work environments.

Through the realistic productions, interested professionals gain an authentic insight into everyday hospital life and learn interesting facts about working conditions and the working atmosphere of the city hospital. And not from actors and actresses, but first-hand from the employees themselves.

To reach the intended target groups, Die Antwort has chosen a contemporary media approach that enables efficient and effective addressing. The campaign can be seen online with out-of-home posters in the vicinity of hospitals as well as a social media campaign. The digital advertising media were played out and controlled in a tried-and-tested funnel manner in order to reach the target groups with the messages intended for them with pinpoint accuracy.

The campaign started on Monday and will last until mid-December. A second wave is planned for January 2022.

Responsible at Stadtspital Zürich: Claudia Reist, Sarah Gloor, Marijana Vasic. Responsible at The Answer: Sarah Hiltebrand, Reto Dürrenberger, Cenk Korkmaz, Vanessa Savi, Mike Krüll, Jamira Bau, Joris Brönnimann, Errol Reim, Leonie Bachmann, Bruno Gossweiler. Photography: Dan Cermak.

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