Jung von Matt Limmat for Postfinance: It's just normal

In their first joint campaign, PostFinance and Jung von Matt Limmat celebrate everything that is "quite normal" after all. The image campaign aims to show that much of what other banks boast about is quite natural for PostFinance.

PostfinanceA bank that is not on Paradeplatz? That's quite normal. Wearing sweatpants to an investment meeting? That's quite normal. Founded Twint, but didn't use it? That's quite normal. Together with Jung von Matt Limmat, PostFinance is launching an image campaign centered on a message taken from everyday language. It is intended to show that many things are "quite normal" for PostFinance.

The music spot with the specially produced track at the heart of the campaign and the visual assets show the multifaceted nature of the Swiss population in spontaneous snapshots. Snapshots from life in which not everything is always perfect. Quite normal, in fact.

The slogan "Ist doch ganz normal" is used prominently in the image campaign and always appears in conjunction with a concise statement that is intended to express PostFinance's self-image.

The image campaign was implemented in record time through close collaboration between the PostFinance and Jung von Matt Limmat teams: "The teams came together in a very short time to form a unit that worked as equals and with great common understanding," says Thomas Steiner, Chief Client Officer of Jung von Matt Limmat.

Wolfgang Bark, Executive Creative Director of Jung von Matt Limmat adds: "With the motto, we have created a communicative bracket that is timeless and universally applicable. Both internally and externally. It bridges the gap between self-evidence and courage and puts Postfinance customers at the center."

The campaign has been running since Monday in all parts of the country as TVC, online video, on the radio, at OOH locations, as display advertising and on social media. It was also prominently placed in the Sunday press and is being creatively interpreted on TikTok together with Collaborators.

Responsible at Postfinance: Dennis Lengacher (Head of Marketing Conception), Francisco Moreno (Head of Marketing Conception/Communication), Florian Grützner (Marketing Manager), Jelena Mesic (Marketing Manager), Rose Portmann (Social Media Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Regine Cavicchioli (Creative Direction), Anouk Karrer, Tobias Peters (Text), Jan Theus, Mutasin Grabenhorst (Art Direction), Ian Musgrove, Jeremy Fennel (Graphics), Christian Omlin, Manuela Brunner (Strategy), Marianne Sauter, Sebastian Kaps, Marlies Doppelhammer (Consulting), Jonas Bayona (Social Creative Direction), Wolfgang Bark (Executive Creative Direction), Thomas Steiner (Chief Client Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt Play: Constantine Wrage (Agency Production). Responsible at Jung von Matt Services: Jlona Kopf, Chiara Killer, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Lisa Moser (media realization). External partners: Baris Aladag (Director), Stephan Burchardt (DoP), Production: DerDerler, Jens Derler (Executive Producer), Südlich-t AG (Postproduction), Flavio Karrer (Photography), Music Production: AHOImusic & White Horse Music; Media: Havas Media , Claudia Gantenbein, George Bérard.

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