Home Zurich launches Black November for Wingo

In the current campaign for the mobile provider, Heimat Zürich has Charles Nguela explain why Black Friday at Wingo is longer this year.

Heimat Zürich

For this year, Wingo is unceremoniously extending the mega shopping day "Black Friday" to an entire month. Charles Nguela explains "Black November" with his "Black November Deals" in the current campaign film. This time, the Wingo testimonial plays himself and delivers a few special punchlines as a stand-up comedian in front of a raucous audience.

In addition to the TV or cinema film and the poster campaign, the package of measures surrounding the "Wingo Black November Deals" also includes online film formats such as bumper ads, which summarize the 30-day offers in six seconds.

The DOOH subjects presented a special challenge for Charles Nguela: The comedian had to be quiet for at least ten seconds.

For the story ads, Nguela uses a smartphone as a stage.

Responsible Agency: Home Zurich. Film Production: Shining movie. Directed by: Maximilian Speidel. Photo Production: Sebahat Film + Photo. Photography: Dan Cermak. CGI: South-t. Media: Mediaschneider & Hoy.

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