Foundry: A giant plant chicken for Planted

Planted and the agency Foundry, based in Zurich and Berlin, are communicating the benefits of plant-based nutrition in a large-scale campaign in Switzerland and Germany.

FoundryOn average, a person in the EU consumes 70 kilograms of meat per year. At the same time, according to WWF, around 69 percent of diet-related greenhouse gas emissions are due to the consumption of animal-based foods. "The idea for Planted was born out of an urgent need for change. These immense amounts of meat needed every day pose a huge challenge to our planet," said Christoph Jenny, co-founder of Planted. "We need to act now." Planted is a vegan meat substitute based on pea protein. "Our better-than campaign aims to inspire people to rethink and take them on a journey to a livable future with healthy and sustainable food alternatives," continues Jenny

In addition to the billboard at Central in Zurich, a social media rollout in Bern, Basel, Winterthur, Lucerne as well as Geneva, Lausanne, Verbier and Zurich ensures awareness.

Planted is now distributed in Germany, France and Austria. To support its expansion plans in Germany, Planted is also encouraging people in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne to critically question the way meat is perceived and consumed with the title "Better than". The saving of CO2 with the help of vegan alternative nutrition is the focus of the initiative. In doing so, the campaign's creators are relying on a number of actions.

Light and fog projections in Berlin Mitte and the government district are used to generate attention. The rollout also includes extensive outdoor advertising and wild poster campaigns, as well as "chicken ambassadors," people in chicken costumes.

In addition, an oversized chicken made of real plants, realized by Foundry Xi De Sign and Planted, is intended to attract attention. The art installation is located on the wall of the building at Greifswalder Straße 223 and is intended to act as both an eye-catcher and food for thought. On October 9 and 10, a tasting event with the Planted food truck took place in front of the wall installation.

Top chef Tim Raue is also taken with the vegan meat alternative and will incorporate two of Planted's products into his restaurant's vegan menu.

With the "Better Calculator" interested parties can also determine how much carbon dioxide, water and animal life they save by switching to plant-based meat. The application illustrates in a playful and striking way how you yourself can make a very active contribution to improving the quality of life for all of us.

Responsible at Planted Foods: Sabrina Balestra (Head of Brand and Marketing), Christoph Jenny (Co-Founder), Judith Wemmer (Head of Product Development), Tsvetelina Yancheva (Social Media Manager), Ann Hermann (Marketing Manager DE/AT), Sidonia Egli (Brand Manager), Marion Höchli (VP Business Development Europe), Uwe Eichhorn (Head of Sales DE/AT), Michael Wagner (Country Manager DE). VResponsible at Foundry Zurich | Berlin: Saaniya Singhal, Nitin George, Jonas Wolff, Pieter Malherbe, Fieke Clinckemalie (Creation) Gregor Wollenweber (Production) Jarin Morovà, Jessica Hughes (Media & Performance)  Sam Bolleter (Digital) Alexandra Galakhova, Tanguy Bodin, Andrea Frei (Account Management), Markus Neumann, Sacha Moser (Overall Responsibility). Production partner: XI EN SIGN. Photo & Video: Sebastian Pollin Photography, XI DE SIGN, Inovisco Mobile Media, Witwinkel. Projections production: Inovisco Mobile Media. Public Relations: Adel & Link Public Relations. Event: Jeff Berlin.

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