Branders whets the appetite for Sanitas as the ideal partner

Branders' new fall campaign, "Together for Your Health," is designed to highlight why Sanitas health insurance is the ideal partner when it comes to caring for, promoting and maintaining health.

BrandersThe pandemic clearly showed us that health cannot be taken for granted. In the summer, however, there was a renewed zest for life - a new optimism and the will not to carelessly put regained freedoms at risk. Topics such as self-determination, prevention, mindfulness, solidarity and discipline are shaping our everyday lives and our personal health today. They also have a major influence on what is expected of a health insurance company. Qualities and values such as competence, reliability, proximity, flexibility and attractiveness are what count.

"Fancy your ideal partner?"

These are the values that Sanitas' current fall campaign, implemented by Branders, aims to highlight. The aim is to further consolidate the status Sanitas enjoys among the population in this country. It underscores the insurance company's basic attitude of solidarity and is intended to convey a personal, positive atmosphere. The campaign was prepared to suit the target group and, in addition to OOH, DOOH and online video formats, can also be seen on all digital and social media channels.

Responsible at Sanitas: Kaspar Trachsel (Head of Sales and Marketing), Valentin Hüsser (Head of Brand Management), Marco Chini (Head of Campaigning and Events), Lukas Plewnia (Marketing Manager), Simone Rolli (Corporate Design Manager). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (Creative Director & CEO), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Micha Kumpf (Senior Brand Designer), Palma Manco (Senior Brand Designer), Anita Hsieh (Brand Designer), Walter Tagliaferri (Director Advertising), Patrik Bockhacker (Brand Consultant), Oliver Schmuki (Senior Editor), Martin Faehndrich (Video Journalist). Responsible at Rosas & Co (film production): Nadia Rosasco (Owner and Producer). Responsible for the image pool: Per Kasch (Photography). Responsible at Mediaschneider (Mediastrategie): Janine Nussbaumer (Client Service Director), Laura Castellana (Senior Media Consultant). Responsible at Webrepublic (Digital Production): Katja Martinello (Head of Creation), Raphaela Mangold (Client Solutions Manager).

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