FS Parker continues the "Two Creatives One Kitchen" campaign for Siemens

For Siemens studioLine, Zurich agency FS Parker developed the "Two Creatives One Kitchen" campaign as lead agency for the second time. This year, industrial design met culinary art.

In this year's continuation of "Two Creatives One Kitchen by Siemens studioLine", two creatives meet again and create an emotional symbiosis of design and culinary arts. Sabrina Cipolla, Food Artist & Private Chef, and Alfredo Häberli, Industrial Designer, put carrots at the center of their creativity in their joint project. To make the culinary creations possible, ten new kitchen utensils were designed. The result is three dishes, each of which tells its own story.

This year's "Two Creatives One Kitchen" campaign is a bit more personal than last year's, according to FS Parker. The consumer is closer to the action, he said. The protagonists were captured in their familiar surroundings to illuminate the preparation of the collaboration and the journey.

"In order to appeal to architects and private individuals with a particular affinity for design, we based the creative process strongly on Siemens' values such as innovation and design. However, we didn't just want to show appealing design, but above all to attract attention through storytelling," says Selina Dermon, Key Account Director at FS Parker, describing the strategic thinking behind the campaign.

"The challenge of staging a design kitchen without recreating a conventional cooking situation or producing a classic commercial was particularly interesting," adds Michaela Aerne, Project Manager at FS Parker. Filming took place at the Siemens StudioLine Loft in Berlin. The campaign has been running since mid-October and will be on view until the end of December.

Responsible at BSH: André Franz (Head of Marketing), Susanne Mang (Brand Manager). Responsible at FS Parker: Beni Franz (CD), Toni Pihlaja (AD, Motion Design), Jonas Bürgi (Design), Bettina Schlichter (Design, Text), Maree De Francesco (Photo), Selina Dermon, Michaela Aerne (Project Management), Christoph Schmidt (Consulting). Film: Janic Halioua.

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