Männer.ch and Art.i.schock promote social professions

The gender balance in the social professions is to be improved. A new campaign aims to increase the proportion of men by having ambassadors act as role models. Potentially interested and suitable men are to be addressed for this purpose. It was conceived and implemented by the Zurich agency Art.i.schock.

Men are underrepresented above all in those sectors and areas that work on and with people - i.e. especially in the social professions. At the same time, clients benefit most from balanced and heterogeneous teams. The underrepresentation is problematic from an economic, educational and equality policy perspective, i.e. in terms of a shortage of skilled workers and equal opportunities.

The bilingual campaign "Men into Social Professions." wants to change this and motivate men to enter or switch to social professions. In doing so, men are shown in a way that corresponds to the traditional image. The headlines "strong nerves and contemporary," "energetic and empathetic," and "strong character and versatile" show the range that a man in the social sector covers, from the traditional male attribute to the - apparent - break with it.

For this purpose, the agency was able to recruit ambassadors from a wide range of social professions, of different ages and from different backgrounds to participate. They are on the Website They will make live appearances and appear on Instagram and Facebook. In addition, several information events for interested men are planned at colleges of higher education. According to the agency, great interest among professionals confirms the relevance of the topic.

The campaign is coordinated by the umbrella organization of Swiss men's & fathers' organizations Männer.ch, together with the Fachkonferenz Soziale Arbeit der Fachhochschulen Schweiz SASSA and the Schweizerische Plattform der Ausbildungen im Sozialbereich SPAS. The campaign is supported and evaluated by the Federal Office for Gender Equality. Concept and realization are by Art.i.schock.

Responsible at Maenner.ch: Lu Decurtins (Project Manager). Responsible at Art.i.schock: Gregor Koller (concept, consulting), Yasmin Kim Cilasin (graphics), Sam Loosli (graphics).

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