Kind regards speaks for Swiss Olympic about unethical behavior

With "Are you OK?", Swiss Olympic wants to draw attention to stressful and injurious situations in sport and thus sensitize and support athletes and their environment. Friendly Greetings has implemented the campaign.

Whether during training, at a competition, or in the locker room, different forms of psychological or physical violence can occur in any sport. Young victims in particular often tend to make topics such as bullying or sexual harassment taboo instead of actively addressing them.

This is exactly where Swiss Olympic wants to start and encourage people to talk about it and get support. Those affected can find information on the website provided and learn where they can report these incidents.

In addition, he said, it is often not clear to those affected whether or not it is an assaultive incident. Basically, though, the following should be established: "Talk about it if it feels wrong."

Freundliche Grüsse has translated this difficult topic into an emotional and activating campaign. It is supported by expressive portrait images by the young photographer Dylan Moore. These are combined with imaginary statements that address assault.

The campaign motto "Are you OK?" asks the target group questions about their own well-being and draws calls to action in this regard. The associated content hub is intended to provide those affected with a pool of further information, contact options and reporting points.

The campaign has been live since the end of September 2021 and can be seen on posters as well as on social media as Instagram Stories and posts nationwide and in three languages.

Responsible at Swiss Olympic: Dunja Anken (Project Management), Marc Schumacher (Head of Marketing & Communication), Franziska Wehrle (Head of Communication), Samuel Wyttenbach (Head of Values), Andres Trautmann (Employee Values). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Jasmine Segginger, Sarah Winker (consulting), Philip Gloyer, Morris Lötscher (text/concept), Mara Schwegler (graphics/art direction), Janine Sonderegger (head of content), Photography: Dylan Moore, Assistant: Roble Mussa.

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