Service plan for ZVV: Child's play when traveling by public transport

Anyone can use the new ZVV app with simplified user guidance. Even a baby, as the current advertising campaign by Serviceplan Suisse shows.

More and more public transport users are buying their tickets by smartphone instead of at ticket machines. With the new ZVV app, this should now be particularly uncomplicated.

Whereas previously two separate apps had to be used for ticket purchase and the timetable, the two functions are now combined in one app. In addition, the user interface has been revised and made even simpler. So simple, in fact, that it is now child's play to travel by public transport in Zurich.

The advertising campaign developed by Serviceplan Suisse takes up this promise literally: On the subject, the new ZVV app is operated by a baby. The visual was conceived by the Zurich agency and implemented as CGI by Illusion in Bangkok - baby bacon included.

The campaign has been running since Monday on ticket machine screens and as indoor public transport advertising.

Responsible at ZVV: Lukas Tenger (Head of Marketing), Peter Schilde (Marketing Communications). Responsible at Serviceplan: Hanning Beland, Günter Zumbach, Carina Kienzle (creation), Victor Borel (image editing), Marcin Baba (executive creative direction), Selma Caglayan, Dominic Häuptli, Edi Walker (consulting), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (overall responsibility); Illusion (CGI).

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