Jung von Matt Limmat for Emmi: What does cheese with character actually taste like?

Kaltbach cheese ripened in the sandstone cave has a unique taste. But how can it actually be described exactly? The current Kaltbach campaign by Emmi and Jung von Matt Limmat gets to the bottom of this question.

What does Kaltbach cheese actually taste like? In its current campaign, Emmi Kaltbach asks consumers this question. It turns out that the question is not so easy to answer. Michu, the Kaltbach cave master, knows that too. Because: The strict selection, the maturing in the cave and the special cave brine give Kaltbach cheese its unique character. And this is difficult to put into words. That's why Michu's advice to everyone is: It's best to try the Kaltbach cheese for yourself and indulge in the pleasure of the cheese without any big words.

The difficult question of taste

The brand campaign is a continuation of the campaign launched in 2018 on the refinement steps that Kaltbach cheese undergoes in the cave and through the expertise of the cave masters (Werbewoche.ch reported). In 2021, the focus is now on the indescribable character of the cheese.

During the filming, the consumers interviewed had the opportunity to learn everything about the cheese-making process on a guided tour through the cave, which is several kilometers long. However, three moving image spots are intended to show that this knowledge does not necessarily help in describing the unique taste.

The campaign will be played out online in German and French in different variations and lengths in Switzerland as well as internationally. This includes social assets as well as shoppable ads and YouTube pre-roll ads.

Responsible at Emmi: Sarah Larwood (Global Category Head), Christian Achermann (Global Marketing Manager), Andrea Banz (Head Brand and Category Management Speciality Cheese Switzerland), Luisa Odermatt (Brand Manager Kaltbach Switzerland), Roland Ziswiler (Head of Operations Kaltbach). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Philipp Klink, Jehmsei Keo, Tobias Röben (Text), David Hanselmann (Art Direction), Mutasin Grabenhorst (Graphics) Philipp Siegenthaler (Strategy), Andrea Braschler (Consulting), Rob Hartmann (Executive Creative Director), Luitgard Halg (Executive Creative Director), Thomas Steiner (Chief Client Officer). Responsible at Chocolate Films: Michela Trümpi (Producer), Gabi Benz (Line Producer), Lukas Wälli (Camera/Direction), Christoph Menzi (Editing).

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