Wunderman Thompson and Sunrise bring live concerts to western Switzerland

Wunderman Thompson brings the Skylight Zürisee Sessions to French-speaking Switzerland. Two Sunrise Shops were transformed into concert stages for the occasion.

At the "Sunrise Skylights Zürisee Sessions", fans of open-air music were able to experience live acts such as Seven, Anna Rossinelli and James Gruntz on a floating stage on various lakeside promenades around Lake Zurich.

To enable other regions to enjoy the Skylights sessions, Wunderman Thompson developed an extension of the event for Sunrise: two Sunrise stores in western Switzerland were converted into temporary concert stages.

The Sunrise Skylights Shop Sessions offered a platform for local musicians like Pat Burgener in Lausanne and Lakna in Neuchâtel to present themselves live to their fans.

Responsible at Sunrise: Andreas Caluori (Senior Director Brand & Marcoms), Anna Leutar (Head of ATL & Brand Campaigning), Cristian Vaccariello (Head of Channel Marketing), Stéphanie Barth-Soares (Partner & Local Marketing Manager), Tenzin Samden Khangsar (E-Marketing Manager), Anastasija Knezevic (ATL & Brand Campaigning Specialist).

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