Ringier Brand Studio and Toyota are mercilessly honest

Who actually needs an SUV? In its new image campaign, Toyota Switzerland relies on merciless honesty and humor. Because the claim "No more boring Cars" is to become a program, the car manufacturer is taking the mickey out of itself. Ringier Brand Studio is responsible for strategy, concept, creation and media.

Toyota has a rather conservative image, although the car manufacturer is committed to C02-neutral mobility. The current image campaign of Toyota Switzerland, conceived and implemented by Ringier Brand Studio, is all about boredom, or rather the opposite of it. "No more boring cars" is the claim, and with it Toyota's new self-image. The message is conveyed with two-stage headlines, where clichés are taken up and refuted at the same time.

The campaign is intended to be consistent, self-deprecating and honest. So honest, in fact, that it even raises the question of whether the new car really has to be an SUV in every case. The campaign relies on large-scale, interactive display formats, an Landing page, social and moving image. In collaboration with Shining Film, three video clips were produced in which relaxed dialogues between friends lead to a twist with the respective car model.

"The Brand Studio has managed to position us with "No more boring Cars" in the way we want to be seen: bold, fresh, innovative and sustainable. Because "No more boring Cars" is a promise that Toyota can keep. Toyota has incredibly good models. This message had to be conveyed in an unconventional and fresh way. That's why we relied on self-irony, humor and eye-catching advertising media. The result is an unexpected campaign that fits Toyota's models perfectly," says Anita Gerber, Toyota's marketing manager.

Responsible at Toyota: Christian Künstler (Managing Director); Anita Gerber (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Emil Frey Digital (landing page): Melanie Herbst (Project Manager; Martin Stocker (Project Manager). Responsible at Ringier Brand Studio / Ringier Advertising: Fabian Zürcher (Director Brand Studio); Iva Bozovic (Head of Strategy); Elgee Wee (Art Direction); Daniel Marx (Head of Video); Katharina Warszawska (Project Manager Content Marketing); Corinna Rota (Head of Content Marketing); Digital Team Ringier Advertising. Responsible at OMAG: Dario Frankhauser (Head of Content & Strategy); Marcel Zirkel (Business Development Manager); Andreas Schärer (Team Manager Paid Direct); Flamur Dina (Account Manager Paid Direct & TV). Responsible at Shining Film: Sophie Toth (Executive Producer), Yanik Müller (Producer), Flo Brunner (Production Manager), Manuel Flurin Hendry (Director), Filip Zumbrunn (DoP), Alessandro Biffi (Edit). Sound Designer/Mix: Jingle Jungle Sound Studios.

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