Carl F. Bucherer is a new customer of Inhalt und Form

Inhalt und Form has recently added Carl F. Bucherer to its client list. The Zurich-based agency is showcasing Nico Hischier as the new brand ambassador for the Lucerne-based watch manufacturer.

Inhalt und Form supported the watch brand Carl F. Bucherer in the development of an image film to announce its collaboration with its new brand ambassador Nico Hischier - the youngest team captain in the world's best field hockey league.

The film is intended to tell a story of excellence, Swissness and a strong bond with the family. Values that brand and ambassador alike would embody every day in their work, said content and form in a statement.

The commercial was created in collaboration with Lukas Wälli and Dynamic Frame and is intended to sum up the world of Carl F. Bucherer in expressive images. It can already be seen on Carl F. Bucherer's digital channels. Further projects are to follow according to content and form.

Responsible at Carl F. Bucherer: Uwe Liebminger (Chief Marketing Officer), Barbara Sieber (Head of Consumer Marketing). Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (ECD), David Hugentobler (Text/Concept), Paul Labun (Art Directon), Laura de Cataldo (Project Management). Responsible at Dynamic Frame: Lukas Wälli (Director & DOP), Luzius Fischer (Executive Producer), Alina Benz (Producer), Bela Adami (Editor), Stereotyp (Sound & Music).

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