New BAG campaign by Rod targets young people

The Swiss government has launched a new advertising campaign to convince young people in Switzerland to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Rod Kommunikation is once again responsible for "Lieber vaccinate".

The FOPH recommends Covid-19 vaccination for young people as well. This is because they too can become seriously ill with Covid-19 or suffer from the long-term consequences of the disease. Those who are vaccinated are well protected and protect others around them.

This is the information that the current campaign "Lieber vaccinate" wants to convey. It also aims to show that vaccination makes everyday life easier. Anyone who wants to visit a restaurant, dance in a club or simply go to the movies must be vaccinated or needs a valid, negative test. So does anyone returning to Switzerland after a vacation. This is time-consuming. This is another reason why vaccination is worthwhile.

The "Better Get Vaccinated" billboard and social media campaign launched Monday takes recreational behaviors and issues from the realities of young people's lives and reminds them that many activities are more accessible with a Covid 19 vaccination.


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