Jung von Matt Limmat: How plans can go up and also go wrong

Since the beginning of 2021, the cooperative-based companies Raiffeisen and Mobiliar have been supporting customers in various phases of their lives. The partnership will be communicated throughout Switzerland as part of a campaign developed by Jung von Matt Limmat.

Jung von Matt LimmatRaiffeisen and Mobiliar launched a strategic partnership at the beginning of 2021. The two companies support their customers in insurance, pension and banking services. A campaign by Jung von Matt Limmat will now communicate the partnership throughout Switzerland.

For plans that work out

In print, OOH and DOOH measures as well as with online and social media assets - these include banners, prerolls, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok - the side-by-side campaign conveys the message that Mobiliar and Raiffeisen are teaming up.

For plans that work out and those that come out differently than expected. Be it the WG party or family planning that take on unexpected proportions or the animal companion that complicates the happiness of the new apartment a bit.

Responsible at Raiffeisen: Oliver Niedermann (Head of Marketing), Nina Hohl (Group Manager Business Marketing Residential). Responsible at Mobiliar: Christoph Ott (Head of Marketing), Lorenz Jenni (Head of Brand Management & Marketing Communication), Angéline Willisch (Marketing Communication Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt LIMMAT: Dominique Magnusson (Creative Direction), Jacqueline Rufener (Text, Concept), Mutasin Grabenhorst (Art Direction), Marlies Doppelhammer (Consulting, Project Management), Luitgard Hagl (Executive Creative Director), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt Play: Natascha Imfeld (Agency Producing), Matthias Fasnacht, Sarja Gauch (Project Management, Editing). Responsible at Jung von Matt Services: Jlona Kopf, Chiara Killer, Desirée Lanz, Lisa Moser (media realization). Responsible at Jung von Matt Tech: Michael Hümbeli (project management), Manuela Tappe, Nattha Kamso (design, realization). External partners: Tina Aich Production, Mat Neidhart (Photographer, Director), Cedric Widmer (DOP), Marlise Isler (Head of Stylle + Props), Lise Terpoorten (Styling).

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