Heimat Zürich creates campaign for Bank Cler's Zak app

The campaign by the Heimat Zürich agency aims to make Bank Cler's Zak app a natural part of everyday life.

Heimat Zürich

In order to position itself even more clearly in what has become a highly competitive market and become known to a broader target group, Bank Cler is launching a new campaign for its banking app. with the slogan "Zak is the first real Swiss bank on the smartphone."

Zak sees itself as an all-in-one solution for everyday financial matters and brings everything you need directly to your smartphone. Zak thus wants to join the ranks of all the other practical things that are used to make life simpler, better and easier: Sunglasses when it's blinding. Ketchup as the perfect complement to dry fries. Or a lipstick to freshen up your look.

The new Heimat Zürich campaign works with these analogies. And wants to make it clear: When it comes to personal finance, Zak is the way to go. Or as the campaign phrase puts it even more simply: "For money, there's Zak."

In addition to online films and a TV spot, OOH subjects, megaposters, banners, Instastories and print ads complement the campaign.

Responsible at Bank Cler: Gregor Eicher, Debora Gassmann. Creative agency: Home Zurich. Film production: Whos mcqueen picture, Producer: Clemens Petersson, Directed by: Jonas Vahl, Camera: Roland Schmid, Photographer: Peter Kaaden. Media agency: PHD.


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