Broad echo: Alliance Courage Stories by Sir Mary strike a chord with the public

Allianz Suisse is entering the third round with its stories about people who, despite prejudices, cannot be pressed into any mold. Tranquillo Barnetta shows a previously unknown side of himself for Allianz Suisse. The portrait from the campaign created by Sir Mary is well received on social media and triggers a large media response.

The latest issue of "Geschichten, die Mut machen" (Stories that give courage) focuses on the experiences of Steffi Buchli, editor-in-chief and mother, Abassia Rahmani, Bladerunner, Hendrik Rogner, male midwife, and ex-professional soccer player Tranquillo Barnetta, among others. The latter tells of his move from the playing field to the playground.

The stories realized with Sir Mary seem to strike a chord with the community - in a very short time, the portraits of Barnetta and Buchli that have already been published have been met with countless positive comments and expressions of solidarity and have been shared several times. In Barnetta's case, the strategy is working well beyond his own channels. From SRF via View up to the Swiss Illustrated, NZZ am Sonntag and Nau, various media have now reported on the story, lifting it from branded content to media story.

A social success that Julia Fischhaber, Content Director at Sir Mary, does not take for granted: "Telling stories that really interest people today means one thing above all: showing the flag. The fact that companies like Allianz Suisse have the courage to be part of the social discourse and even initiate it makes us feel very positive. And it obviously pays off."

Close to life

For the online series, Allianz and Sir Mary opted for a departure from classic narrative forms in favor of a journalistic approach. With a two-head team consisting of storyteller and videographer, the agency shot in close collaboration with Andy Was Right documentary-style and without a big technical set-up.

Corina Brunner, Social Media & Digital Specialist at Allianz Suisse, explains the true-to-life approach: "As an insurer, we want to support our customers so that they can follow exactly the path that is right for them. That's why we deliberately want to break through role clichés and highlight life stories that are authentic and lived."

In addition to Tranquillo Barnetta's story, portraits of Steffi Buchli and Hendrik Rogner (male midwife) are also available on Facebook and Instagram. Two more episodes with Abassia Rahmani (bladerunner, paralympian), and Diyala Kayiran (photographer with hearing impairment) will follow in September and October.


Responsible at Allianz Suisse: Claudia Staub, Corina Brunner, Simone Schmitt. In charge at Sir Mary's: Julia Fischhaber, Naemi Sauter, Daniel Zuberbühler. Responsible at Andy Was Right: Pascal Geithner (Video Creator), Raphael Drobi (Production), Anjali Kosman (Project Management).


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