The answer: an icy fist for the "No" to the 99% initiative

On Sunday, the 99% initiative of the Young Socialists was put before the people. A broad alliance from politics and business spoke out against the failed initiative in advance. The response to this was the conception and realization of a cross-media campaign.

In June, Economiesuisse, together with an alliance of politicians and business leaders, launched the No campaign to the Juso tax initiative. ( reported). The key visual - a fist in the shape of an iceberg - was intended to show that the visible part of the iceberg is the much smaller part of the whole. This is also the case with the 99% initiative: If the initiative had been accepted, considerably more than the visible one percent of the Swiss population would have been punished, according to the No Alliance.

The campaign was played out on almost all digital and analog advertising media throughout Switzerland.

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