Monto launches vaccination campaign for the canton of Zug

The agency Monto from Baar has designed and implemented a vaccination campaign for the Health Department of the Canton of Zug.

Kanton Zug

Since the beginning of the year, vaccination against the Covid 19 virus has been a major concern in Switzerland. Information on vaccination and vaccination strategy is coordinated by the FOPH. The vaccination of the population is left to the respective cantons.

The Health Department of the Canton of Zug therefore commissioned Monto with the corresponding communication in the Canton of Zug. The assignment resulted in a continuing campaign that helped the canton achieve a high vaccination rate.

"We are very proud that we were able to convince with our holistic concept. We are sure that we will be able to support the Zug Health Department in achieving its goals and further promote vaccinations," says a delighted Severin Münger, Managing Director of Monto.

The landing page forms the heart of the campaign, on which the vaccination is the focus. You can see information about the current vaccination group, what to bring and how to register. In addition, there are details about the vaccination process, what side effects may occur and how the vaccination benefits.

At the beginning of the year, communication was carried out via the care centers in the canton of Zug, after which various risk groups were addressed directly with a mailing. Since the vaccination has been available to the general population, the health directorate has been providing information with a broad-based communication mix and enough advertising pressure. This includes digital signage, DOOH, posters, advertisements, working bicycles, HTML5 banners and social media advertising - all in German and English.

Responsible at the Health Directorate Zug: Dr.iur. Beatrice Gross (Secretary General), Martin Pfister (lic.phil., Landammann, Regierungsrat and Head of the Health Directorate), Aurel Köpfli (Communications Officer), Julien Duc (Research Associate Communications). Responsible at Monto: Severin Münger (Managing Director), René Schoedon (Head of Creation, CD Digital), Sascha Kammerman (Art Director), Orphea Heutling (Graphic Design), Torsten Schallmaier (Text).

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