Boutiq and Pascal Schelbli produce Spec commercial for Fürst Guitars

Swiss up-and-coming director and student Oscar winner Pascal Schelbli collaborated with Boutiq to develop a spec commercial for Fürst Guitars that explosively unhinges the world in a clash of live action and CGI.

Handmade in Wädenswil, Fürst guitars are among the noblest instrument exports in Switzerland. Pascal Schelbli's idea for this spot is based on a quote by Pablo Picasso: "Everything you can imagine is real". Whether painter, architect or musician, a principle that applies equally to all artists, provided they have the right tools at their disposal. In this commercial, a guitarist's vision transforms an old industrial hall into a cubist construct, paying tribute to one of the greatest artists of the last century.

An ambitious project

Together with the two producers Chantal Gugger and Theresa Berres, this spectacular idea was realized. The film was shot at night in an old industrial hall in Winterthur. The experimental team used anamorphic lenses, a lot of haze and a reduced lighting concept. Very creative decisions, but they quickly benefited the VFX project.

The nightly shoot for the lavishly produced Spec commercial.

Right from the start of the production, it was clear to those involved that this would be a complex and elaborate project. With the support of all crew members on set, as well as the VFX and animation team at Pulk, this spec film by Pascal Schelbli could be realized.

A good foundation for animation and VFX

The foundation for the cubist transformation of the industrial structures with steel girders, bridges and columns envisaged in the film was the elaboration of the visual effects. Thus, already in the editing phase, the focus was on how the industrial structures in the hall could be arranged and efficiently adapted and animated. For this purpose, an elaborate setup was developed by CG Supervisor Linus Schneider in Houdini, which enabled the realization of the basic idea of a cubistic construct. Lighting and look was dictated by the shot footage. On the set, many Asteras - programmable light tubes - were used, which helped a lot in the lighting, especially in the final shot.

A well-rehearsed team: Linus Schneider (CG Supervisor), Jonas Wolf (Guitarist & Cast), Reto Fürst (Fürst Guitars), Pascal Schelbli (Director), Theresa Berres (Producer) and Chantal Gugger (Executive Producer).

Music composed especially for the film

Jonas Wolf, guitarist with the band Eluveitie and protagonist in the Spec film, composed the music for this spot together with Berlin composer Alexander Wolf David. The Scottish actor Stuart Martin, who can currently be seen in the Netflix flick "Army of Thieves," was recruited for the voice over.

Responsible at Fürst Guitars: Reto Fürst. Responsible at Boutiq (production): Pascal Schelbli (Director), Linus Schneider (CG Supervisor), Theresa Berres (Producer), Chantal Gugger (Executive Producer), Pulk (Post-Production), Jonas Wolf (Cast), Stuart Martin (Voice), Jonas Wolf & Alexander Wolf David (Composer), Marvin Schatz (DoP), Janis Willbold (Trinity Operator), Manuel Dolderer (Gaffer), Peter Hacker (Color Grading), Robin Harff (Sound Design), Linus Schneider, Florian Baumann & Pascal Schelbli (Animation, VFX).

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