At ZVV it's Friday for Future all week long

In order to better demonstrate to the Swiss population how environmentally friendly the ZVV fleet is, Spina's Civil Voices has implemented a sympathetic commercial for the Zurich transport association.

Bei den ZVV ist die ganze Woche Friday for FutureAlthough hundreds of thousands of people travel on ZVV every day, few are aware of how environmentally friendly our public transport actually is. All streetcars, suburban trains and buses together cause just 2.5 percent of the CO2 emissions of the total traffic in the canton of Zurich.

So it's worth getting on and changing trains for everyone who not only talks about climate protection but also wants to make a difference. To bring this environmental issue to the screen, ZVV has chosen the specialists from Spina's Civil Voices.

The spot focuses on various vehicles that have become fashionable in recent years and then disappeared again - or will probably disappear soon. The vehicles, some of which are bizarre, are commented on by the narrator in the style of TV legend Hans Jucker ("Diä dumme huere Ruederer"), who can't help but have a laugh or two. The campaign starts on Thursday.

Responsible at the ZVV: Lukas Tenger (Head of Marketing), Peter Schilde (Marketing, Communications). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Matthias Freuler, Stephan Huwiler, Miriam Fischer (creation), Tullio Tomasini (consulting). Responsible at Shining Film: Stefan Bircher (Producer), Marco Lutz (Director), Ralph Bätschmann (Camera), Stefan Girtanner (Line Producer), Jingle Jungle (Sound Design), Beat G. (Voiceover), Rodo Works (Colorgrading).

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