Publicis: Politics should be young, not pretend to be young

In the current campaign by Publicis for the youth session, it is unexpectedly not the young who have their say, but seasoned politicians - but somehow also the young.

Our political elite is naturally one of the most practiced and confident speakers in the public sphere. So it's all the more refreshing to see them not quite so sure of themselves, as is the case in Publicis' latest campaign for the 30th edition of the Youth Session.


"Fellow Kids" stumbling block turned into strength

Those who try to appear young usually put their foot in their mouth. Not only a number of brands can attest to this, but also many people in the public eye. Exactly this mechanism is now made the central element in the campaign: Four Swiss politicians present themselves as eternally young at heart, who make generous use of the supposedly current youth language - with rather dubious results. The binder "We don't need politicians who pretend to be young. We need young people who do politics." resolves: one should not make it so easy for oneself with younger politics.

A campaign by boys for boys

"The campaign was spearheaded and implemented by our youngest creatives," explains Cosima Pereira Köster, Senior Art Director at Publicis. "They naturally know best themselves what can motivate them to get involved in politics." Gvozden Milosevic, 4th year graphic apprentice, adds, "What is trendy and young today, we know of course. That's why it wasn't so easy to think about exactly how we wouldn't speak - which is actually considered uncool again. To be able to put the whole thing into practice with Mrs. Bulliard-Marbach, Mr. Chiesa, Mrs. Baume-Schneider and Mr. Flach was a lot of fun. And they did very well, too."

The protagonists of the online spots also confirm this. "Of course we are taking the mickey out of ourselves here. If we can motivate young people to get involved in politics, then it's definitely worth it," says Elisabeth Baume-Schneider, member of the Council of States for the SP Jura. Marco Chiesa, member of the Council of States and SVP president, is also involved in the campaign: "I think it is important and right that young people become more politically active. That's why I was happy to become active as a 'young person' for this.".

30 years of youth session

The Youth Session 2021 will take place from 4 to 7 November 2021 in Bern. 250 young people will have the opportunity to become politically active and represent their concerns over the course of four days. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 21 can register - regardless of language, educational background or party affiliation. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, young people from abroad are also allowed to take part in the Youth Session this year. There have already been delegations of foreign guests in the past. However, they have tended to play a passive role. This year, young people from abroad will also be allowed to take an active part in the programme.

Responsible at SNYC: Lauriane Laville (Communications Manager), Giona Rinaldi (Project Manager). Responsible for Publicis: Mathias Bart (Senior Copywriting), Cosima Pereira Köster (Senior Art Direction), Hannah Züttel (Junior Art Direction), Gvozden Milosevic, Dara Stacher (Graphics), Jan Kempter, David Lübke (Creative Direction), Philipp Zubler, Daniela Steffen (Consulting), Matthias Koller (Overall Responsibility). Responsible at Prodigious Zurich: Matteo Attanasio, Patrick Richner (film and photography), Dario Schmid, Alexander Fasi, Elio Guggisberg, Martin Ottinger (picture editing and motion design), Adrian Häni (production management). Production partner: Visuals Switzerland & Brewery Sound.

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