Jung von Matt Limmat dreams for Raiffeisen in stop motion

For Raiffeisen's YoungMemberPlus offer, the bank and Jung von Matt Limmat let freestyle ski star Andri Ragettli dream. The stop-motion clip was launched on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Tiktok on Sunday.

Raiffeisen in Stop-Motion

Andri Ragettli dreams. Of an outstanding downhill run in the Freestyle Ski World Championships. And of the next gold medal. In his dream, Ragettli uses stop-motion technology to jump through a snowy landscape of bed and ski linen before boarding a train at the valley station. The YoungMemberPlus offer from Raiffeisen accompanies him on his dream journey.

Wishes, dreams, advantages

The YoungMemberPlus offer from Raiffeisen accompanies young adults in their everyday lives and also in their wishes and dreams. YoungMemberPlus customers benefit from free accounts, a free V PAY card and up to 50 per cent off concert and event tickets.

These and many other advantages are conveyed by the socially driven campaign around Andri Ragettli, which has been played out across Switzerland in three languages on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Tiktok since Sunday.

No stop for stop motion

The stop-motion implementation of the spot - inspired by a video by Oren Lavie from the noughties and the stop-motion skateboarding clip by Kevin Parry that went viral in the fall of 2020 - has a simple origin: Andri Ragettli was injured in the spring of 2021 and was therefore not available for sensational stunts.

"With the stop-motion solution, we had the opportunity to implement both the core message of the campaign - dreaming - and to visually represent what Andri stands for: Breathtaking stunts on skis," says Jonas Bayona, Social Creative Director at Jung von Matt Limmat. "The result is a campaign that conveys credible messages for both Raiffeisen and Andri Ragettli and at the same time - or precisely because of this - has viral potential," adds Mirjam Keller, Senior Consultant Marketing at Raiffeisen.

Responsible at Raiffeisen: Oliver Niedermann (Head of Marketing), Mario Dietsche (Head of Member Marketing), Mirjam Keller (Youth Marketing), Markus Rutz (Project Manager Sponsoring), Fabian Weder (Digital Marketing), Pia Boos (University Intern). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Jonas Bayona (Social Creative Direction), Raymi Mendoza (Graphics), Adam Keel (Social Creation), Arianne Dedual, Linus Konetschnig (Future Creative Leader Trainees), Valérie Gantenbein (Consulting), Christoph Kinsperger (Executive Strategy Director PR & Content).

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