Farner for RoadCross: When the smartphone decides over life and death

In June, Farner and RoadCross launched the "Mobile phone in your pocket" campaign. Since Monday, a VBZ streetcar has been attracting the attention of "mobile natives" on Zurich's streets. In addition, a prevention film with an unambiguous title has been launched.

The accident statistics show it clearly: Reaching for the smartphone at the wrong moment plays a decisive role in serious traffic accidents. Inattention in road traffic, often because of one's own smartphone, is currently the most frequent cause of traffic accidents in which people are seriously injured or even killed.

The private foundation for road safety RoadCross Switzerland With the support of Farner, we therefore launched an awareness campaign last June. with the catchy call, "Cell phone distractions can destroy lives. Keep it in your pocket on the road." Primarily conducted on social media and online, the campaign specifically targets "Mobilie Natives" - teenagers and young adults aged 16 to 24 who have grown up with smartphones. Experience from prevention work shows that this target group is best reached via social networks.

Since Monday, a VBZ streetcar has been advertising the RoadCross campaign in the city of Zurich. The appearance and stylistic language of the streetcar are based on the widespread social media. The text is an appeal to the personal responsibility of the intended target group: "Don't let your story end tragically." The streetcar will be on the road for a year on various lines.

"The Last Words"

At the same time, RoadCross Switzerland is launching a new short film on social media and as a supporting film in Swiss cinemas as part of the campaign. Entitled "The Last Words," the film addresses the topic of farewells and death and conveys the simple message: nothing on the smartphone is so important that it can't wait. And never should the cell phone be given the role of deciding over life and death through incorrect use in road traffic.

Customer: RoadCross Switzerland. Responsible Agency: Farner Consulting. Film Production: Shining movie.

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