Bold for Pro Senectute: Better to be happily old than eternally young

To promote Pro Senectute's course program to a wider population, Bold implemented a campaign for the organization.

Bold für Pro SenectuteAs a representative of the interests of a target group that has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, Pro Senectute has received a lot of attention and encouragement over the past year. However, it is often forgotten that the foundation not only deals with the problems of senior citizens, but also promotes the beautiful aspects of old age.

The best example of this is the comprehensive course program in the areas of sports, culture and education. It helps keep the mind and body fit and thus makes an important contribution to increasing the quality of life as well as social integration.

A campaign now aims to increase awareness of the low-threshold offering and motivate people to seek out courses in their own region. The subjects created and implemented by Bold show Barbara and Chrigu exploring the diverse catalog of activities, proving that advertising for seniors can also be fast, positive and humorous.

The entertaining appeal for an active old age can be seen throughout Switzerland from Monday.

Responsible Pro Senectute Switzerland: Peter Burri Follath (Head of Communications), Tatjana Kistler (Project Management). Creative agency and production: Bold.

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