Stuiq accompanies the product launch of the "just happy" mattress

The mattress brand Happy has launched the product "just happy". Stuiq is responsible for the overall communication and has developed the product and distribution strategy in close cooperation with Happy. In addition to the brand development, this also includes the GTM strategy and the digital launch campaign.

Swiss e-commerce provider Happy, with its well-known claim "I bet I'll have a happy bed", develops, produces and sells Swiss-made mattresses for every type of sleeper - back, side and stomach sleepers. This trio has now been joined by "just happy". The new mattress is designed to impress with its visual coolness, sustainability and outstanding price-performance ratio. The product promise "For everyone who simply wants to sleep well" is intended to appeal to a younger target group and "sleep pragmatists".

Stuiq developed the complete go-to-market strategy for "just happy" - from product branding, customer journey design and e-commerce integration to the digital launch campaign including content and performance measures.

 "You can. You don't have to."

In the launch campaign, the "just happy" product promise is expressed by means of witty analogies: "Over-the-top vs. simplicity" - simply sleeping well is also possible without frills. In spontaneous meme style, two thematically identical images are shown next to each other, one of them very overstaged.

In order to reach the online-savvy target group of 18 to 30-year-olds with the campaign, Stuiq is therefore relying exclusively on digital channels. The meme visuals are played out on Instagram as feed and story ads, but also as display ads on Spotify and Tinder.

An additional reach boost for the product launch comes from musician Dodo. The dialect singer is already a fan of "just happy".

Responsible at Happy / Hilding Anders SwitzerlandJens Fischer (Director Marketing, Product Development & E-Commerce), Sonja Elsener (Head of Brand and Product), Brigitte Graf (Digital Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Stuiq: Sandro Walder (Strategy, Branding), Anna Kindlimann, Stefan Moeschlin (Creative Direction), Benjamin Kocher (Digital Direction), Paco Alborghetti (Motion Design), Martin Niklaus (Screendesign), Giuseppe Audino, Max Heinen (Content), Martina Mach (Consulting), Daniel Amrein (Digital Campaigning).

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