Havas for Arval: The easiest way to own a car

Havas Village Zurich won the pitch for the client Arval. The agency impressed with a digital campaign that gets to the heart of Arval's offering and increases brand awareness. The campaign has been live since mid-2021.

Havas für ArvalArval is part of the French BNP Paribas Group and offers a modern form of car ownership that includes all car-related services. Arval is already the established market leader for business customers in Switzerland. Now private customers can also benefit from driving a car at a package price. A campaign should make this known to the Swiss.

Havas Village Zurich was able to convince Arval of the "Everything easy" idea. With this idea, the cars and the concrete offer are presented to potential new customers in a straightforward manner via social media. With "driving for a package price", customers decide on a vehicle, a term and annual kilometres and pay a monthly amount. Tyres, insurance, service and repairs are all included - everything is easy.

The social media campaign will be played out in three phases on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In the first phase, the focus is on raising awareness of the Arval brand and services. In the second phase, the vehicle portfolio is presented to the target groups. The goal is to both increase the number of landing page views and increase their average session duration. And in the third phase, potential customers are reminded of Arval with specific, relevant offers tailored to them. Here, lead generation is the focus of the efforts.

In addition, the campaign is accompanied by a competition in which the interested parties have to answer questions over a period of three weeks and put together a URL by connecting the solution words. This takes the participants to the competition page, where they can take part in a prize draw and, with a little luck, win a Tesla Model S for six months.

Responsible at Arval: Marcel Rupf (Retail & Marketing Director), Roman Puentener (Team Leader Marketing & Communication), Roger Rölli (Sales Director), Karin Dahinden (Marketing & Communication Manager). Responsible at Havas Village: Marcel Benz (Strategy Director), Dominik Brülisauer (Copywriter), Olivia Schläpfer (Senior Art Director), Helen Ingold (Junior Art Director), Dominik Cattaneo (Motion and Multimedia Developer), Nicolai Abel (Head of Programmatic & Social), Agron Gjini (Account Director), Dimitri Ottiger (Account Director), Patrick Beeli (Creative Director).

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